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I was on my bedroom floor bawling my eyes out, from all of the repression of emotions and grief. On that floor I thought of friends I couldn't see anymore, some that wouldn't speak to me or had gone on with their lives. I thought of my grandmother who could have lived a little bit longer if not for the pandemic. I thought of my friend and former student that succumbed to leukemia. I thought of my niece who almost died from an unfortunate accident. I thought of every single thing that ailed me and I incessantly pleaded with whatever power that could hear me- that would hear me. I laid on my floor approaching the end of my lowest point and I sought the comfort of everyone I love. Eventually spring came along and those that I cherished welcomed me with loving arms and excitement in their eyes. I can only hope I never fall so low again, but there's always a bigger omen lying in the wait. Until then, ill laugh with all of my cherished, loving, sinking into a place I can recall as home.


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I was one of the ones they called back to work midway through the pandemic. At the time I worked retail and the riots were at their peak with most of the buildings around my workplace reduced to mounds of shattered glass and walls erected of plywood. With the reductions in staff; pretty much the entire line of people beneath my position laid off. I was one of four that would run a whole store that ordinarily required 14. From there I would run up and down from the basement until I couldn't take it anymore. When I hit my breaking point with all the mishaps from newly piled on responsibilities that don't merit the mention, I calmly resigned through email and got into a bike accident a week and a half into my two weeks notice. The immediate misery was over, but the hospital bill and the emotional turmoil from an somewhat unrelated incident haunted me for a couple of months... I think a year.

Arrangements: A Different Age/ Current Joys

It was nearing the end of summer 2019 and I had just gotten my bike stolen while shopping for some pants at Uniqlo-the pants were for afropunk. I was really upset, but I had met up with my friend soon after to cheer me up and throw rocks in an empty lot. Besides losing my prized possession, I was working retail full time where my only moments of solace were the weekends and the spontaneous plans sprinkled throughout the week. I felt as if I was trying to grip at any piece of summer I could. I would say yes to any invite (and I still do) so as long as the summer weather was still here. But in the times I had alone to myself, I just laid in an empty soccer field wondering what was meant for me now that something precious of mine was taken from me. The answer I eventually found was the final story for my comic. Thereafter I rode into the autumn air with all of the intention of exploring the worlds that were mere whispers in my mind.

Arrangements: Maps/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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