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A letter to those I no longer have the privilege

I was on my bedroom floor bawling my eyes out, from all of the repression of emotions and grief. On that floor I thought of friends I couldn't see anymore, some that wouldn't speak to me or had gone on with their lives. I thought of my grandmother who could have lived a little bit longer if not for the pandemic. I thought of my friend and former student that succumbed to leukemia. I thought of my niece who almost died from an unfortunate accident. I thought of every single thing that ailed me and I incessantly pleaded with whatever power that could hear me- that would hear me. I laid on my floor approaching the end of my lowest point and I sought the comfort of everyone I love. Eventually spring came along and those that I cherished welcomed me with loving arms and excitement in their eyes. I can only hope I never fall so low again, but there's always a bigger omen lying in the wait. Until then, ill laugh with all of my cherished, loving, sinking into a place I can recall as home.


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