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Originally 'Mindwalk' was a concept for a hybrid comic that only made it up to one page after posting it to some private art group that mostly involved friends from Highschool.

It was difficult to read but it was an earnest try at trying to be different in comics despite only making one prior to the idea. Soon after I picked up Scott Mccloud's Making comics at Book-off in midtown, and I've been making comics that are legible ever since.

The only aspect that I miss and want to integrate with this blog is the musical aspect of it.

Generally, when I write I like listening to music to accompany my mood and feelings into a piece of writing. So in that stead, at the end of each post there will be a suggested track to listen to while you read called "Arrangements".

Putting my thoughts and ideas out into the open was always very difficult for me considering I always saw myself as someone nobody wanted to listen to, but wanted so badly to be heard. So as time went on and my self esteem improved, putting Somewhere There out into the world and progressing with each issue. I found it finally time to put myself out there for everyone to see.

My psuedonym is Husk. My friends call me Fonzo. And my mother calls me Alfonso.

Thank you for reading

and I'll leave you with the last line

of that failed autobio comic.

"Lucid in our design,

Wading through familiar terrain,

Upon resign,

Our eyes close,

But our mind walks."

Arrangements: Every Single Thing/ HOMESHAKE

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