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Living Their Thousand Lives

It was nearing the end of summer 2019 and I had just gotten my bike stolen while shopping for some pants at Uniqlo-the pants were for afropunk. I was really upset, but I had met up with my friend soon after to cheer me up and throw rocks in an empty lot. Besides losing my prized possession, I was working retail full time where my only moments of solace were the weekends and the spontaneous plans sprinkled throughout the week. I felt as if I was trying to grip at any piece of summer I could. I would say yes to any invite (and I still do) so as long as the summer weather was still here. But in the times I had alone to myself, I just laid in an empty soccer field wondering what was meant for me now that something precious of mine was taken from me. The answer I eventually found was the final story for my comic. Thereafter I rode into the autumn air with all of the intention of exploring the worlds that were mere whispers in my mind.

Arrangements: Maps/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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