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I was one of the ones they called back to work midway through the pandemic. At the time I worked retail and the riots were at their peak with most of the buildings around my workplace reduced to mounds of shattered glass and walls erected of plywood. With the reductions in staff; pretty much the entire line of people beneath my position laid off. I was one of four that would run a whole store that ordinarily required 14. From there I would run up and down from the basement until I couldn't take it anymore. When I hit my breaking point with all the mishaps from newly piled on responsibilities that don't merit the mention, I calmly resigned through email and got into a bike accident a week and a half into my two weeks notice. The immediate misery was over, but the hospital bill and the emotional turmoil from an somewhat unrelated incident haunted me for a couple of months... I think a year.

Arrangements: A Different Age/ Current Joys

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